Featured Artist Questions – Sept/Oct 09

(1.) Please provide a brief bio and what shaped your early life as an artist.

I was born and raised Pinar del Rio Cuba and I am the youngest of four children. When I was a child everyone looked up to my other relatives who were in the field of medicine and encouraged me to study the medical sciences. They soon realized, however, that I had a talent for drawing and for the use of color in my sketches and early paintings and knew that I wanted to become an artist. The Cuban culture is so rich in its heritage and its love for the immediate and extended family and they saw that I wanted to paint my own culture and heritage. They soon encouraged me to continue as a young child to paint and to drawn because they recognized how important the fine arts were to me.

(2.) What medium do you use most often?

I love all mediums in my art, but my primary medium is oil on canvas because I like the build up on the textured colors on my palate to create a range of secondary colors that capture the mood and atmosphere of nature. I also enjoy painting portraits of people who have character and energy of life flowing through them. I believe the use oils are the only manner in which I can do these figures justice.

(3.) What is your most treasured piece and why? Most popular commercially?

I usually do not prefer one painting over the other. Often my most favorite painting is the one I just finished. I try to focus on every piece of work I am painting in the moment because I continue to grow with every painting I create which is the essence of the creative process. There are some of my works that have drawn the attention of many people because they can relate to it from their own sense of history and life. Thepainting, “Faith and Conscience” is a particular favorite of many of my collectorsbecause this painting addresses the stage in my life in Cuba in which I was trying to leave the country. The painting consists of group of decaying bananas floating out to sea on a boat and an image of “La Virgen de la Caridad” protecting them from an uncertain future.

(4.) Any advise for individuals hoping to succeed in the art industry?

I believe it is essential for every artist to know who he or she is and where they came from as it is their culture that is the tool that gives them their unique approach to the would and life. I believe that if we all share our roots and educate others about our heritage and the contributions our culture has made to history and life that there would be a greater level of understanding and cooperation throughout the world. I also think it is essential that artists associate with other professional artists of national and international standing, such as Jonathan Green of Naples, Florida. As it is only through association

with other artists that we master the materials and techniques necessary to fully express ourselves.

(5.) What are your impressions of the local art scene in Naples?

Naples is a vital melting pot of contemporary, regional, abstract and representational art from outstanding artists living and residing in Collier County. Additionally there are some outstanding galleries which are members of the Naples Fine Art Dealers Association that afford artists the opportunity to view works of masters throughout the United States and countries throughout the world. It is also special that Naples is home to the Naples Museum of Art as I love to visit this outstanding museum and view works form so many cultures and mediums.

(6.) Where can readers view / purchase your work locally? (upcoming shows, etc)

I am often visiting cities throughout the southeast so the best place to view my work is on my website www.reynierllanes.com. My cell phone number is 239 265-0540. Currently my works are on exhibition and may be viewed at Jonathan Green Studios, Inc., located at 245 Seven Farms Drive, Suite 330 in Daniel Island, South Carolina, 29492 – Telephone (843) 377-8044. www.jonathangreenstudios.com