Reynier LLanes


Reynier Llanes inspired several art students and researchers with his work. Through social media and other online sources, they have reached out to him with questions and art based on his pieces or inspired by him. He is happy to address inquiries for research projects and reviews.

Pauline Mari Hugo

Triptych representation of Parasocial Relationships towards Fictional characters as Coping Mechanism during the Pandemic. Thesis Project. University of Santo Tomas. 2023

Angelina Haumann Germany

Pieces inspired in Reynier Llanes work

Savanna Henry Dolly

Article about Reynier Llanes piece “Stay”

Imogen McCready

Interview with Reynier Llanes

Liza Rose

Poem chapbook with cover art by Reynier Llanes: "Surfing on Pollen".

Susurration_ Chapbook_ NYU_2024

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