Reynier LLanes


In collaboration with The Butler Institute of American Art, for his solo exhibition “What Is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye”, Reynier Llanes brings fine art posters of his painting “Stay” to his fans and collectors. The limited edition SIGNED poster is made of the highest quality William Turner 190-gram fine art poster paper, ready to be framed. There is also an edition made of polypropylene 180 mate quality paper available. Every poster has a certificate of authenticity. All copyrights reserved by © Reynier Llanes

The Shop, located inside the Polk Museum of Art, offers an array of handcrafted items, local finds, and unique pieces. Design and aesthetics play an important role in the selection of its merchandise which either complements the exhibitions and programs or provides patrons with something special. Find Reynier Llanes’ Timeless Origins art poster and three different and unique postcards.

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